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Las Vegas Health Center

Chiropractor in Las Vegas

Welcome to Baxter Health Center, a comprehensive facility where we can address your chiropractic and other needs. We recognize that in order to fully treat the symptoms that you're experiencing, we have to focus on the cause. If you treat a problem in its early stages, you can prevent a lot of pain and further problems in the future. We have more than 30 years of experience treating a wide variety of ailments. Call us at (702) 891-8833 so that we can help you address your health issues comprehensively.

Where We Shape Health, Not Just Backs

A health problem in one area of life can cause symptoms that affect many other areas of your life. At Baxter Health, we look for natural solutions to cure both the cause and the symptoms for the long term. You come into our office with real problems that are causing you harm. We give you personalized natural care. You leave our office with a more balanced, better quality of life.

Health problems that can harm many areas of your life include:

  • Poor diet, nutrition, exercise and sleep habits
  • Body structural imbalance and previous injuries
  • Imbalanced adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone function

All of these issues and more can be analyzed at our office to find the best solution that works for you. Many of these problems are interconnected and require a life-change approach as a cure. We want you to be comfortable and get the help that you truly need, so we'll address any concern you bring to us.

Improve Your Entire Well Being

Don't wait to seek lasting solutions to your health problems. Our Las Vegas office can help you set your health back in order. Call us today at (702) 891-8833 for more information!

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Why Hire Baxter Health Center?

  • Over 30 years in practice
  • Effective, non-surgical treatment of low back discs
  • Bio-identical hormone balancing
  • Thyroid hormone optimization
  • We shape health, not just backs!